Baby Names – Meanings and Numerology

Choosing a name can be seen as somehow predetermining what sort of person a child is going to become. Perhaps you were meant to find out what name to use and so your choice was meant to be, for we cannot determine fate on the choice of a name, therefore your choice is the right choice.

There are several schools of numerology, while some historians believe that modern numerology stems from the teachings of Pythagoras in sixth century Greece, others believe it comes from the ancient Hebrew system of the Kabbalah, a doctrine concerning God and the universe preserved by a privileged few. We believe numerology is part of a divine order that contains clues placed into the foundation of the universe by a divine source. Early enlightened people to wrote these clues into an ancient language that recorded an understanding of the universal grand plan.

Most forms of the Kabbalah teach that every word letter and number contains a hidden code the combination of which can give a secret meaning that can be unravelled by the science of numerology, from which we can learn about character, talents, and what our purpose is in life. Modern numerology was founded in the early part of the last century, now we are in the digital age with science breaking new frontiers everything is made of numbers; so are we!.

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