Predicting Winning Numbers

Number¬†predicting has never before produced any degree of consistency or accuracy simply because no one has ever understood the marching orders of the Creative Force Vibrations. Vibration Science BASE 12 research indicates there is good reason to believe the creative force vibrations comprising number vibrations have definite, predictable marching orders. Number vibration resonance and the […]

Name Number 144

Name: Ernest, Fidel, Garth, Lenard, Marshal, Phil, Rexford, Rockford, Sandford, Rosabel, Roxanne, Suzanne Main #: 144 Balance #: 72 Name Numerology Data PISCES KEYWORDS: I believe, integration, summation, completion, cosmic and social misfits, rebellion, defiance, nonconformists, penal institutions, hospitals, mental institutions, correctional facilities, rest homes, in depth psychic insight, love, mercy, compassion, affection, understanding, tolerance, […]

Name Number 143

Name: Artie, Enos, Geraldo, Jess, Lobo, Marc, Marquis, Moses, Ollie, Ross, Alicia, Emilie, Dominique, Flossie, Ignacia, Kylie, Leslie, Letti, Natalie, Oki, Ovida, Pandora Main #: 143 Balance #: 71 Name Numerology Data AQUARIUS KEYWORDS: Altruism, Idealism, Accepting Challenges, holistic awareness, I KNOW, strong desires, sudden, often explosive changes, inner and outer “space” exploration, inventions, electronics, […]

Name Number 142

Name: Clair, Granger, Hansen, Helmer, Leslie, Lincoln, Manfred, Martinez, Myer, Radnor, Stroud, Tad, Tavish, Thor, Vladimir, Winfred, Xavier, Yegor, Eleanor, Flower, Paz, Rotraud, Winifred, Ynez Main #: 142 Balance #: 70 Name Numerology Data CAPRICORN KEYWORDS: Design, Structure, Engineering, Mind the Builder, recognition, achievement, persistence, consistency, reward, stability, professional honors, high authority, self glory, con […]

Name Number 141

Name: Demitri, geoffrey, Haley, Harley, Humphrey, Huntley, Lesley, Malcolm, Murray, Oakley, Pepe, Quigley, Redley, Riley, Stanley, Sweeney, Ada, Andriette, Antionette, Bobette, Edna, Carlotta, Erlinda, Estelle, Ezara, Giselle, Hadara, Harley, Iesha, Leora, Lesely, Levinia, Lorna, Mara, Lulani, Malvine, Marcelle, Marsha, Odette, Peggy, Rochelle, Roseanna, Roxanna, Rudmilla, Shirley, Verna, Wifreda Main #: 141 Balance #: 69 Name […]

Name Number 140

Name: Bart, Brent, Ethelbert, Haskell, Kendell, Kent, Kordell, Lex, Richart, Tab, Trent, Winchell, Minx Main #: 140 Balance #: 68 Name Numerology Data SCORPIO KEYWORDS: Economics, Magic, Change, Secrets, Sex, Death, Rebirth, transformations, regeneration’s, baptism, resurrection, ascension, trade and transfer, barter and exchange, imports and exports, alchemy, secrets, occult forces, infinity, new states and conditions […]

Name Number 139

Name: Alonso, Georgio, Jesse, Jose, Luigi, Luke, Marko, Oke, Okie, Uzoma, Venya, Wolfgang, Zorya, Cherise, Clarise, Constance, Cookie, Cordelia, Darice, Delia, Emilia, Jacee,Jessie, Kornelia, Lorelei, Paloma, Rabia, Ultima Main #: 139 Balance #: 67 Name Numerology Data LIBRA KEYWORDS: Balance, Law, Justice, reconciliation’s, agreements, covenants, regulations, rules, counseling, peacemaking, consultation, marriage, partnerships, close, friendly and […]

Name Number 138

Name: Caludius, Dixon, Duncan, Jarrod, Jean, Jonah, Keaton, Ken, Lawson, Lyndon, Lyron, Makin, Norman, Odion, Owen, Pembroke, Sean, Shelton, Simeon, Swain, Tanton, Tod, Tyson, Vinson, Collee, Jean, Lilian, Ofrah, Sharon Main #: 138 Balance #: 66 Name Numerology Data VIRGO KEYWORDS: Records, Classifications, 12 energy levels of Mind, statistics, discriminating reasoning powers, quick in depth […]

Name Number 137

Name: Buddy, Deane, Hardy, Kelly, Murphy, Scully, Shane, Timothy, Benilda, Calla, Candy, Catherine, Celestine, Doretta, Esmeralda, Estella, Faline, Gilberta, Gilbertine, Hatty, Idola, Zella, Josephine, Kathy, Kelly, Kimberly, Lorraine, Lotty, Marcella, Mindy, Nadine, Nerine, Odetta, Jetta Main #: 137 Balance #: 65 Name Numerology Data LEO KEYWORDS: Freedom Of Expression, showmanship, theatrics, demonstrations, arts, sports, music, […]

Name Number 136

Name: Barret, Bob, Edmond, Ezekiel, Gil, Israel, Jael, Kidd, Kiel, Meredith, Noel, Pat, Ralph, Rand, Roland, Sol, Uziel, Vergil, Walmond, Zuriel, Edith, Jewel, Lizbeth, Meredith, Pat Main #: 136 Balance #: 64 Name Numerology Data CANCER KEYWORDS: 12 levels of the imagination, nurturing, domestics, home decor, community services, habitats, environmental factors, home lifestyle, creature comforts, […]