Name Compatibility

Names, meaning and compatibility can be explained by base 12 numerology

A Creative Force Vibration is a pulsating wave sphere of conscious living energy oscillating omni-directionally from a central point. (A quantum bubble of antimatter energy).

You, me, ALL material, mental and spiritual creations are created by, exist, manifest, express as composites of living, consciously aware, Creative Force Energy Vibrations.

Names can be analysed and synthesized according to the letters they comprise, Using BASE 12 numerology, to derive their meaning and compatibility status.

Creative Force Vibrations flow according to the laws of vibration resonance and electrical flow. Each number relates to every other number according to polarity and phase relationship. Since names can be reduced back to the meaning of their Creative Force essence, using BASE 12 numerology, they too relate to other names through vibration resonance and the phase relationship of numbers.

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