Name Number 136

Name:Barret, Bob, Edmond, Ezekiel, Gil, Israel, Jael, Kidd, Kiel, Meredith, Noel, Pat, Ralph, Rand, Roland, Sol, Uziel, Vergil, Walmond, Zuriel, Edith, Jewel, Lizbeth, Meredith, Pat
Main #:136
Balance #:64

Name Numerology Data

CANCER KEYWORDS: 12 levels of the imagination, nurturing, domestics, home decor, community services, habitats, environmental factors, home lifestyle, creature comforts, sustenance, emotions, intuition, instincts, compassion, esthetic interests, mystical art.

Cancer in Pisces 136: #136 symbolizes creative Forces associated with times when everything has been going very well, times of pleasure, luxury, plenty, fulfillment, happiness, joy and success, which are beginning to get shaky and lose their stability and equilibrium.

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