Name Number 138

Name:Caludius, Dixon, Duncan, Jarrod, Jean, Jonah, Keaton, Ken, Lawson, Lyndon, Lyron, Makin, Norman, Odion, Owen, Pembroke, Sean, Shelton, Simeon, Swain, Tanton, Tod, Tyson, Vinson, Collee, Jean, Lilian, Ofrah, Sharon
Main #:138
Balance #:66

Name Numerology Data

VIRGO KEYWORDS: Records, Classifications, 12 energy levels of Mind, statistics, discriminating reasoning powers, quick in depth insight, memory, filing, regimentation, categorizing, storage and retrieval systems

Virgo in Pisces 138: #138 symbolizes Creative Forces of mind and imagination operating in areas of esoteric, mystical, enigmatic, spiritual and psychic sectors of consciousness. #138 Virgo-in-Pisces people are innately endowed with the psychic awareness, in-depth intuitive insight, introspection and keen discernment powers to probe deeply into hidden, secret sectors of consciousness, into areas of vague, unclear, weird and uncanny nature, into repressed regions of the subconscious mind of the soul.

They are not only inherently equipped to use these Creative Forces of the mind, in conjunction with the primal energies of the imagination, to ferret out hidden information blocking and inhabiting mental, physical, soul and spiritual development; but they are also vibrationally patterned to apply knowledge gained to regenerate, revivify, lift, transform, enlighten, counsel, heal and restore entities in need to the social order, and higher, more holistic levels of awareness.

These forces radiate in holy baptisms, transformations into new horizons of self-realizations; as one emerges into a new reality, as a new being in consciousness, like the ugly duckling becoming the Swan, or the frog becoming the Prince via the kiss of love.

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