Name Number 139

Name:Alonso, Georgio, Jesse, Jose, Luigi, Luke, Marko, Oke, Okie, Uzoma, Venya, Wolfgang, Zorya, Cherise, Clarise, Constance, Cookie, Cordelia, Darice, Delia, Emilia, Jacee,Jessie, Kornelia, Lorelei, Paloma, Rabia, Ultima
Main #:139
Balance #:67

Name Numerology Data

LIBRA KEYWORDS: Balance, Law, Justice, reconciliation’s, agreements, covenants, regulations, rules, counseling, peacemaking, consultation, marriage, partnerships, close, friendly and moving relationships.

Libra in Pisces 139: #139 symbolizes Creative Forces creating circumstances, situations and conditions for living experiences resulting from desires to satisfy sensuous carnal appetites or to gain fame, fortune and glory for self-serving purposes without regard for rights and properties of others.

Those who rebel and defy laws and regulations of the social order and break such social restrictions in order to set themselves free in an offensive manner may find themselves further confined in a correctional facility. Each must reap what one sows.

Those who are confined via their concepts and beliefs may break free of such and move on to higher and better beliefs and concepts which offer greater freedom from areas of erroneous intellectual cloning, religious dogma, false teachings, propaganda and mind control techniques. Greater freedoms are offered in mind levels of 8 through 12 wherein the entity comes into contact with the Universal Creative Forces and is no longer restricted to physical levels of concern and relationships.

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