Name Number 140

Name:Bart, Brent, Ethelbert, Haskell, Kendell, Kent, Kordell, Lex, Richart, Tab, Trent, Winchell, Minx
Main #:140
Balance #:68

Name Numerology Data

SCORPIO KEYWORDS: Economics, Magic, Change, Secrets, Sex, Death, Rebirth, transformations, regeneration’s, baptism, resurrection, ascension, trade and transfer, barter and exchange, imports and exports, alchemy, secrets, occult forces, infinity, new states and conditions of the soul, strong desires, martyrdom.

Scorpio in Pisces 140: #140 symbolizes Creative Forces structuring and working in the change and exchange of energies in, of and between the 12 main sectors of the soul. Each person is as a main 1/12th aspect of its complete soul-self. The 12 aspects of the soul were symbolized by Christ and his disciples.

Each plays out their role in a magi-nation dreamland, co-realizing over-soul dreams, or willfully, defiantly splitting to create and realize their own dreams or nightmares, as the experiential dream-drama of life plays on. #140 Forces summate and integrate all soul aspects with the over soul. When the 12 aspects of the soul resonate to integrate within the entity, the holistic energy level of the Christ consciousness is realized. When one has an indolent, don’t care attitude toward life, as depicted by the 8 of cups thoth tarot card, life’s dreams become shallow and empty, and nightmares begin to form.

The earth plane is not a plane of reality, but rather a plane of consciousness. The concept of “reality” may be better termed – an energy level of realization. Our material world is only imaged consciousness. An entity is as one main live actor, playing an aspect character role in a dream of the complete soul-self, which is asleep elsewhere, dreaming one’s existence. A person cannot be complete with just one of the 12 body systems or only 1/12 of its mind and neither can the soul.

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