Name Number 141

Name:Demitri, geoffrey, Haley, Harley, Humphrey, Huntley, Lesley, Malcolm, Murray, Oakley, Pepe, Quigley, Redley, Riley, Stanley, Sweeney, Ada, Andriette, Antionette, Bobette, Edna, Carlotta, Erlinda, Estelle, Ezara, Giselle, Hadara, Harley, Iesha, Leora, Lesely, Levinia, Lorna, Mara, Lulani, Malvine, Marcelle, Marsha, Odette, Peggy, Rochelle, Roseanna, Roxanna, Rudmilla, Shirley, Verna, Wifreda
Main #:141
Balance #:69

Name Numerology Data

SAGITTARIUS KEYWORDS: 12 Energy levels of Truth, pursuit of truth, growth, development, expansion, extension, the abstract, paranormal, higher mind, holistic awareness, benevolence, nobility, religious affiliations, education, aristocracy, cosmic consciousness, respect, wealth, paralogical, long journeys. reformation.

Sagittarius in Pisces 141: #141 symbolizes Creative Forces expressing in relation to the nature of core beliefs. The spirit nature of a core belief is reflected in the nature of the goals attained. A person does not create and build contrary to his or her core beliefs

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