Name Number 142

Name:Clair, Granger, Hansen, Helmer, Leslie, Lincoln, Manfred, Martinez, Myer, Radnor, Stroud, Tad, Tavish, Thor, Vladimir, Winfred, Xavier, Yegor, Eleanor, Flower, Paz, Rotraud, Winifred, Ynez
Main #:142
Balance #:70

Name Numerology Data

CAPRICORN KEYWORDS: Design, Structure, Engineering, Mind the Builder, recognition, achievement, persistence, consistency, reward, stability, professional honors, high authority, self glory, con artistry, determinism, strong will power, crystallized emotions, conservatism, patience, tolerance, an unfailing spirit, setbacks and reversals, brotherly love, development of individuality, independent spirit, practicality, prestige, saint or sinner.

Capricorn in Pisces 142: #142 symbolizes creative Forces reflecting the nature of the mind, beliefs, imagination and intent underlying creative activity and achievement. The What IS nature, intent, aptitude, belief, mind and imagination of the creative artist reflects in the artist’s creation.

If the creation is a painting, is the nature of the painting presented in a coarse, crude, flashy, drab, colorful, cheery, depressing, shocking, detailed, abstract, quiet, explosive, aesthetic, esoteric, soft, harsh, humorous, dramatic, moody, emotional, balanced, imbalanced, satiric, sardonic, sadistic, cluttered, cramped, open, spacey, stormy, attractive, repulsive, beautiful or ugly mode? How does its nature affect your nature and feeling-tone energies? How does the expression of its Creative Forces impress your Creative Forces to express? How does it feel to step into its reflective world to sense, feel, relate, reflect, and be influenced and “caught up” in its environment? Do you feel the better for the experience? Does it give you a sense of well-being? Is the experience beneficial, uplifting, peaceful and constructive? How did it feel to step into a world of someone else’s creation?

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