Name Number 143

Name:Artie, Enos, Geraldo, Jess, Lobo, Marc, Marquis, Moses, Ollie, Ross, Alicia, Emilie, Dominique, Flossie, Ignacia, Kylie, Leslie, Letti, Natalie, Oki, Ovida, Pandora
Main #:143
Balance #:71

Name Numerology Data

AQUARIUS KEYWORDS: Altruism, Idealism, Accepting Challenges, holistic awareness, I KNOW, strong desires, sudden, often explosive changes, inner and outer “space” exploration, inventions, electronics, independence, originality, lending strength and support, prophecy, good intuitive powers, heroics, humanitarianism, astrology, science, social service, selfless love, unveiling mysticism, ferreting out occult secrets, spiritual awareness and discernment, fast moving relationships, propagating new spiritual seeds in consciousness.

Aquarius in Pisces 143: #143 symbolizes Creative Forces of keen, intuitive insight and deep perception clarifying and separating blind faith beliefs from beliefs based on understanding, wisdom and clarity of vision.

These new beliefs are formulated for use as foundations for new ideas, new beginnings, new projects, new upcoming cycles of activity and living experience. #143 Forces utilize reflective and imagery qualities of mind and imagination, instinctual, intuitive, and introspective powers to probe into areas of consciousness that are otherwise unreachable, to obtain information to understand and explain the otherwise unknowable. These forces also operate in form of nature, care, counseling, study, analysis, guidance and control of people in public institutions, such as hospitals, mental institutions, prisons, jails and houses of rehabilitation and correction.

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