Name Number 144

Name:Ernest, Fidel, Garth, Lenard, Marshal, Phil, Rexford, Rockford, Sandford, Rosabel, Roxanne, Suzanne
Main #:144
Balance #:72

Name Numerology Data

PISCES KEYWORDS: I believe, integration, summation, completion, cosmic and social misfits, rebellion, defiance, nonconformists, penal institutions, hospitals, mental institutions, correctional facilities, rest homes, in depth psychic insight, love, mercy, compassion, affection, understanding, tolerance, patience, dealing with emotions and the mystical, clairvoyance and visionary experiences, psychic phenomena, occultism.

Pisces in Pisces 144: #144 symbolizes Creative Forces coinciding with hunches, visionary experiences, dreams, clairvoyance, intuition and psychic awareness. These forces incline one to integrate and complete all activities and projects they have started, to reap the fruits from their labors.

The primal energies of the imagination are very strong Pisces vibrations that play a very important role in gathering information for the rehabilitation, healing and guidance of souls in need. Nurturing, compassionate, loving, merciful Creative Force vibrations are innate in Piscean people. Doctors , nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists, ministers harmonize in natural attunement with these vibrations. These forces express in taking inventory of that harvested or that on hand and evaluating quality and quantity of that to be sown and grown in the upcoming cycle of activity.

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